7 Best Neobux Strategy to Earn Money Online: Full Guide

Neobux is great to way to earn handsome money on Internet. Neobux has proved to be the best PTC site and day by day increasing millions of member. But most of them don’t know how to earn from Neobux effectively. I’ll just tell you 7 best Neobux Strategy to earn money online.

neobux strategy

Here are 7 basic Neobux strategy to earn money online :

1) Click Every Day (Specially fixed orange ads in Neobux)

This Neobux Strategy is very simple just choose a time in a day on which you would be comfortable to click ads and eventually manage your referrals at the same time. It is necessary to click all available ads every day to get credited from referrals clicks. Attention, Neobux is not quick rich overnight method but in long term it is good way to generate handsome income and only regularity will pay for you.

Fixed Orange ads in Neobux
neobux-orange click Ads
Neobux personal earning referrals

2) By renting referrals in Neobux

Through Neobux you can rent referrals; and in return you can earn small commission as a standard member. By upgrading your account to Golden, you can increase your commission by double. This Neobux strategy is very common and mostly I recommend to upgrade your account to Golden to earn good referral commission. 


Neobux Earning Detail
Make money with Neobux-Golden Upgrade

3) By direct referrals in Neobux

For me, direct referrals are THE best way to generate income. Utilize all free methods of advertising to increase any direct referrals. Well it is tough to get good direct referrals and it’s all depending upon luck. Share referral link with your friends and relatives, post in forums, use free traffic exchanges (like www.Easyhits4u.com ), and put a tagline on your e-mail signature. This Neobux strategy develop your direct referrals.

Before referring new member to Neobux, make sure that you have clicked at least 100 ads and that you have been registered for at least 15 days

· Been a member for at least 15 days

· Have made at least 100 clicks

After these conditions are met, the direct referral you can have will be based on first on the following limit:

· Standard: 30

· Golden: 200

· Golden/Emerald: 300

· Golden/Sapphire: 300

· Golden/Platinum: 400

· Golden/Diamond: 400

· Golden/Ultimate: Unlimited


Neobux direct referral commission

Moreover, you can increase referrals limit value depending upon how long you’ve been registered, all those days, minus the first 30 days, will be count towards a limit increase. This means, the older you are, the more referrals you may have. The amount will be calculated based on current membership/pack and the number of days you’re registered (minus 30).


· Standard = (Days-30)/4

· Golden(Without a pack) = (Days-30)/2

· Golden(With a pack) = Days-30


For example: suppose you have registered for 330 days (which minus 30 gives 300 days)


· Standard = 30 (General referral limit) + (300/4) = 105 (Extended referral limit)

· Golden = 200 (General referral limit) + (300/2) = 350 (Extended referral limit).

This Neobux strategy was least known by user and hence I recommend to apply on your earning

4) Commissions from direct referrals purchases in Neobux

You’ll receive a 1% commission from your direct referrals’ purchases based on following simple rules:

· The purchase has to be made using listed 3 payment processors (paypal, payza and neteller)

· The purchase has to be made with minimum amount of $10 or higher

· It will be available for purchases of all kind of services except for advertisement services.

· Remember the commission will be credited to your main balance after 90 days from the date of purchase.

· A commission will be cancelled if the respective purchase is reversed or restore for any reason and if the reveres purchase is also restored.

· A commission won’t be credited after 90 days if the user that made the purchase is not your referral anymore or has his/her account suspended.

· Also, a commission won’t be processed if the purchased service is under a promotion period or with a temporary discount.

In account’s summary statistics, you’ll see one or more pending commissions and for detailed listing, right click on the button to the right.

5) By participating in Adprize in Neobux

Neobux AdPrize is a feature of Neobux that allows you to win prizes on every of your ad viewed. This Neobux Strategy helps you to earn some extra dollar or neopoint which can be utilized to gain more referral. When you click on ad then you will be given a bonus pack which consists of 3 chances to win adprize. All you have to do is to click below green box if failed, click next to load another chance.

Daily Adprizes amount can go more than $16000 per day and it increasing day by day

Adprizes consist of three prizes:

· Membership prize

· Monetary prizes

· NeoPoint prizes



6) By completing NeoBux offers: NeoPoints, NeoCoins, MiniJobs

Neocoin: Neocoins are NeoBux currency that can be converted into cash directly to your main balance. You can win Neocoins only after completing the offer, which will be credited 30 days after you complete successfully.

Also, you will receive 20% of the amount of Neocoins from each of your direct referrals earns. Suppose, if your direct referrals earns 30,000 Neocoins you’ll get 6,000 Neocoins. The amount you will earn is unlimited from all referrals. So, this Neobux strategy add more to your balance and in gaining good momentum with Neobux


Neobux Neocoin Conversion Detail

Neopoint Offers: Simply visit the page with the offers and complete as many offers as you like, in return Neopoints will be credited automatically to your account.


Neobux offer
Neobux-Neopoint Offers

MiniJobs: Besides NeoCoins and NeoPoints offers, Neobux also offers Mini Jobs which basically the same as other offers, except that you can get real cash directly to your Neobux account after completing the tasks. Most of them don’t know how to do Mini Jobs in Neobux. Mini Jobs in Neobux helps you to overcome the loss in Neobux as a standard member. To access this feature, click on the offer button on the top menu bar and select Minijobs. Now choose the task in which you want to appear and corresponding to each jobs, pay rates are available. Initially, you would be in training mode and after successfully completing the training, you will be proceeded with more task.

Neobux mini jobs and offers
Neobux Mini Jobs

Review carefully the instruction; each task has own instruction to follow. If you want to quit, just click on “Give Up” button on the top. This Neobux Strategy is mostly used by standard member to compensate the loss in Neobux.

7) By selling your active Neobux referrals

There are some rules that have to be met as per Neobux admin to avoid us getting low average users and, obviously, prevent fraud activity.

The simple rules are:

- Referrals must have at least 60 days of being Neobux members.

- Referrals must have at least and average of 2.0 (in both the membership time and the last 5 days).

- Payments will be made to your rental balance

- Some minor internal rules.

It’s very simple, though: Green dollar icon means you can sell the referral and a grey dollar icon means you cannot.

Since some internal settings will only be effective after you try to sell them, it can happen that a referral with a green icon can’t be sold.

The prices are very attractive and are as follows:

- Referrals with an average between 2.00 and 3.99 = $1.00

- Referrals with an average between 4.00 and 5.99 = $2.00

- Referrals with an average equal or higher than 6.00 = $3.00

In fact, are you registered on Neobux?

You can go through the banner below, you can benefit from my experience (3 years Neobux) and all my advice, do not hesitate. Every support and tips you will get from time to time.


In future articles we will see how to optimize some of these ways to maximize your winnings at the bottom.


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