What are Best Neobux Referrals Renewal Strategy?

Proper management of Neobux referrals is essential to make money over the long run. The renewal of your Neobux referrals must be part of strategies to take into account to generate maximum profits. In this article we’ll look about two strategies, one if you have the cash to invest in the short term and the other if you do not.

Neobux Referrals

Before turning to strategies here is an explanation of the renewal of Neobux Referrals for beginners:

What is renewal of Neobux Referrals?

Renewal of Neobux referrals is to pay the rent of your referrals for a specified period. It can range from 15 to 240 days with stages of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and 150 days. The renewal is only for your rented Neobux referrals. The first time you rent your referrals for 30 days. If you do not renew after 30 days you will lose your referral. Don’t worry; it’s only cost $ 0.02 per referral (as standard member).

Neobux member can take benefits of Neobux referral renewal in the long term and it offers attractive discounts when you renew their referrals over a long period.


Here is a summary of the renewal fee reductions:

15 days = 0% discount
30 days = 5% discount
60 days = 10% discount
90 days = 18% discount
150 days = 25% discount
240 days = 30% discount

Neobux Referrals

Which is more profitable Neobux referrals renewal strategy?

There is no need of understand anything mathematically, it was quite simple that for more time you renew your referrals, the more you save. In return you will pay much more in the short term.

I RECOMMEND renewing your referrals to 240 days as often as possible.
If you have the means to invest in the renewal of 240 days, you will win in the long run.

If you do not have the means set your goals. For example set a goal to renew at least 10% of your referrals to 240 days in a month, the remaining 90% of referrals you renew for 30 days. The following month renew 20% of your referrals to 240 days for those left in previous month … etc. This strategy allows you to run smooth and avoid cash out of your pocket. For all your winnings will go against the renewal of your referrals.

Neobux Referrals

Concrete example:

You have 250 rented Neobux referrals and you are Golden member in Neobux.

During the first month you renew 10% of your Neobux referrals to 240 days. Or 25 referrals, which costs you $ 28 ($ 1.12 per referral ) for these 25 referrals. Add $ 0.19 per referral for 30 days for renewal is $ 42.75 for the rest 225 remaining referrals. In total you pay $ 70.75 for renewal of referrals in the first month.

The second month you renew 20% of remaining referrals for 240 days, 20% of 225, i.e. 45 referrals. This will cost you $ 50.4 + $ 34.2 (180 referrals renewed 30 days) = $ 84.6

The third month you can add another 10% or 30% of remaining referrals which will be renewed for 240 days. I will not calculate at this time, you will pay during the 3rd month is $ 84.42

So now you can gains you’re earning for the subsequent month. If you continue this strategy beyond the 3rd month you will have less spending and therefore more revenue, you will soon generate good profits!

Additional small tip:

Christmas, Halloween, and several other festivals during the year are an occasion to take advantage of interesting offers from the site . For example, the reduction of renewal for 240 days from 30% to 32%.When you have hundreds of referrals to renew then jump at such opportunity because these offers can be very economical in the long term.

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