What is On Page SEO? Basics of On Page Optimization

Introduction to On Page SEO

The goal of On Page SEO is to facilitate the work of Google when indexing and sorting our pages, trying to lead this process according to our interests. The following articles explain the basics of On Page SEO but first I will discuss in this article what facets of SEO are and why it is necessary.

On Page SEO

┬áThe English term “On Page SEO” means the optimizations that we conduct on our site (On Page = On page) to get the content of our site be as “nice” as possible for search engine. We could say that by SEO On Page, we try to “explain” to Google what is the purpose of our website, something very necessary because if we omit this explanation, or we do it incorrectly, Google may choose to qualify and position ourselves in some searches which we are not generally meant to it.

On Page SEO

How Google indexes your pages?

Before the page come out as Google result, it must have been found and classified by their robots, automated programs that read, extract and archive the content of the pages. These robots relentlessly search the Internet, track all the links that are embedded on pages and which help to locate it, and visit new pages that are already indexed to see if they have any new content. It is very important that we make sure that these robots can find and analyze our website as easily as possible, to incorporate our content in its index. Robots indexed all the readable content of our pages (text, images, links, etc..) and store it in a giant database, where it is analyzed to determine the niche they belong and the relevance in it. Because robots cannot easily read the content that are created with Flash, Java or AJAX, so it is not advisable for Google On Page SEO from the positioning point of view, use these technologies to serve content that we want to be indexed.

Choose a publication system

On Page SEO

Blogger and WordPress, free Content Management System

One of the first decisions we face when we launched a web page is the technology that we use to build and manage. Although we could roughly say that the system we use should not have a major impact on the SEO, the reality is that there are programs or services that make it much easier and are more prepared than others for this work. If you are comfortable editing HTML and CSS, you can build your site from the ground level and thus have full control over every aspect of On Page SEO. But not everyone has such knowledge, and there are many who still prefer to focus more on content, as in my case. If you belong to the latter group, there are basically two ways you can go, use a web service offered by a third party, or install a content management system for your own account hosted on a server.

On Page SEO

Some of the most popular free services for creating online pages:

  • Blogger

  • WordPress.com

  • Livejournal

Some of the most popular free programs to manage content on your server:

  • WordPress.org

  • Joomla!

  • Drupal

In summary the On Page SEO:

  • Google helps us find our pages more easily.

  • Allows Google to position us for the key phrases that we have chosen

  • On Page SEO

    It helps us to create friendlier for web search engines as well as for visitors.

  • It helps us to create optimized content to help us position our key phrases and that both are useful to our visitors.

In the next articles,

On Page SEO Optimization Techniques and Strategies to Follow

learn more about basic SEO and other things because it is important to know how to structure your content, the need to provide useful and optimized content to robots and visitors, how to use the title tags, labeling, meta-tagging properly and more.


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