What is SEO? Actual Concept behind SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a set of activities to generate organic traffic through improved positioning of a website, to make it more understandable and relevant to the various search engines. In other words are methods to better promote your page, so you get more visitors through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others. Resulting in content to be looking for the user, exit at the first search result.

What is SEO

For what and who need search engine optimization and how it is achieved.

To sort out all these issues, let’s look at the situation in a specific example. With the help of the site you are selling a product, and that it is clear, if you need to get into the business and to increase profit then the number of visitors to your site should increase. The more people look up your product, the more likely that someone will make a purchase. Every businessman is facing issues of promotion of the site in order to increase its attendance. Let us consider the case when a potential customer uses the search services, “Yahoo” or “Google”, which are the most popular among users ever need. Accordingly, when a user makes a request, for example, looking for a mouse pad, after searching, a lot of sites pop up. This list is called the search results, and the closer your site in the list, most probably in top list, the more visitors will click on your link, as we know that many people choose the top of the search string, not bothering to excessive quest for subsequent pages. At the same time, almost every user to search for information using a search engine and does not attempt to guess the link to the site that contains the information you need.

What do you gain by this? Why SEO?

There is a long list of benefits but the most important are:

 Increased visibility, so there is more chance of reaching potential customers looking for exactly what you offer

 You manage to put yourself above your competitors, and

You’ll be the first when someone seeking help and finally, gain online reputation, because pages which result in first position are always recommended by searcher. Simply. SEO for Google result your site or blog in top position

According to statistic,

 62% of users click the results presented in the first page.

 90% of users click on results of the first three pages.

If the search does not show the result then 82% of the user is looking to perform a search:

 Using the same search engine

 Using a larger number of keywords to help you redefine creativity.  

What is SEO

However, if you already have a website then you must think to make it more interactive, with good design and valuable content. Why not let the search engine find me alone?. Search engines are smart, but they need help. Need to meet the requirements and parameters set by the search engine to be found faster.

How to SEO?

To make this happen in a “natural” or organic way, that is, without any payment for advertising, perform some tactical strategies including

How to find the “keywords” used by the consumer at the time of search, traffic generated by the website, make more users friendly and easy to handle, avoid broken links and error codes, among others. But SEO is not just for search engines, it is to make your site better for people too. This is achieved by creating relevant and valuable content related to the purpose of the website, so that in this way the user does not visit once, but constantly resorting to revise content and see what’s new.

The SEO applies to websites, weblogs, blogs, articles, photos, videos, PDFs, newspapers, magazines, online stores, social networks and other social media. It applies to any form of content that can contain your site. In conclusion it is a way to make your site more appealing to users and search engines with three key advantages: more traffic, more conversions and more relevance to the objectives of the web.

What is SEO and what is not?

Confusion 1: SEO is SEM

A major confusion among many marketers is that SEO is SEM but the truth is SEO is part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEM involve all the actions related to the appearance of a website in search engine results, which include SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click), creating content to appear in other search engine results, Twitter and in the News section.


What is SEO

Because the internet is based on links, and the links are the major factor in SEO, all we have a link to the website of the client has to do with SEO. But remember, the links should always be in context of content. SEO involves two parts: Internal optimization or on page optimization and, External optimization or off page optimization. Internal optimization includes add or edit content, keywords or key phrases, title of the page, HTML code etc. whereas, external optimization includes submission of link to article directories, forum, bookmarking etc. Rest is all about monitoring, controlling and analytically improving the site.


Confusion 2: Linking SEO with social media, social network or blog

Question arises as SEO or PPC ??, SEO or social media ??  no sense. Since the answer is always SEO and PPC, SEO and Social media, SEO and what you dare do in online marketing. SEO is SEO only.

Hope you understood What is SEO and if you want to learn more about SEO or similar concept, be in touch. :)

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